EleniDas7 A reader by nature, a writer by education, by profession, by inevitability; i have also been defined at times by being a teacher, an (eternal) student, a sailor. Greek-born-and-bred, German-educated, Scottish-based; most drawn to projects that probe borders of all kinds. I studied, among other things, literature at the University of Athens and screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland. After a first career in the advertising and events industry in Athens, i am working towards the leap to filmmaking that was always my wish. My storytelling mind is at its best when working with the poetic, the mythical, the fragile and personal. I have a soft spot for the written word, and thus for adapting for the screen writings that matter to me. I enjoy telling a good straight story, but i also find inspiration in intricate, non-linear, multi-layered narratives, interior monologues, essays, songs, paintings, letters – always intrigued by what some call the un-filmable.

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