Private I (in development). Short screenplay, with a voice-over constructed entirely from Raymond Chandler’s letters. Philip Marlowe is investigating a truly bizarre case – or is the iconic private eye slowly losing his grip on reality? What starts as a classic film noir, turns into an exploration of dark corners in a writer’s mind.

StoorwormArchie and the Stoor Worm
(in post-production). Children’s short film, live action/animation. A modern take on a traditional tale from the Orkney Islands. Produced by Jenny Lees. Directed by Mark Ash. DoP Ian Dodds. Sound Dougie Fairgrieve. From an original idea by Jenny Lees. Shooting this one was a filmmaker’s dream – on location on Orkney, our small crew with a delightful local cast, and contributions from the whole community. Here is a sneak preview of the opening scenes from the screenplay. Archie and the Stoor Worm_excerpt

PostcardPostcard from Scotland (2011).
Short film, directed by David Borbas.
DoP Edgar Wittek. With Ishbel McFarlane and Marco Federici. From an original idea by David Borbas. As their car slowly breaks down in an ever-more-deserted landscape, so does the couple’s relationship. A holiday doomed from the start, at times dark and darkly funny. Sparkled by a short story by Milan Kundera, and through ongoing dialog with David, this story took on a personality of its own, and kept transforming throughout writing, filming and post production. Here is a sample of the screenplay. Postcard from Scotland_excerpt

Gentle Kisses1Gentle Kisses (2010). Co-writer. Short film noir spoof, directed by David Hutchison. The first of a series of short films we made with the Eyedoll Productions team for the 48hour Film Project in Edinburgh. It was followed by Free Crack (2011) and Digging for Love (2012), both directed by Gareth Peevers. Wonderful teamwork, great fun to make – as i think is obvious from the films themselves – and a brilliant opportunity to flex our filmmaking muscles. For more information please visit

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